5 Ways Pilates Works to Build Core Strength

Pilates is form of exercise based on the foundations of flexibility, body awareness and most importantly core strength. A strong core foundation not only makes you stronger overall, but can prevent injury, chronic pain and the natural decline in strength that occurs as we age.

Many people coming to Pilates for the first time are confused or misinformed about their core muscle groups and how Pilates movement helps to strengthen and build them. An understanding of how the body works, including the core, and Pilates role in strength building is important to the bodily awareness aspect of a regular routine. 

What Is the “Core”?

We often think of the core as being our abdominal muscles, but it’s actually a more complex group of muscles that extend throughout the trunk area of the body, including the arm and leg muscles.

When someone develops “six pack abs” what you’re seeing are the outer muscles. Beneath these muscles are even more hardworking muscles that help support your back, pelvic floor and other deeper muscle groups.

The core basically acts as stabilizer for your body. A strong core provides healthy benefits like endurance, flexibility, motor control, efficiency in movement and can contribute to longevity. outdoor yoga

5 Ways Pilates Helps Build Core Strength

There are a lot exercises out there that claim to promote core strength. Some of them are great, but others can be harmful, potentially causing injury that leads to an overall reduction in core strength. A network of strong core muscles is important to your health, and Pilates is one of the best forms of movement for achieving this.

To illustrate our point, here are five ways that Pilates helps to build core muscle strength.

  1. Pilates focuses on the muscle groups you don’t see. As we just mentioned, there’s more to the core support structure than meets the eye. While sculpted muscles are a nice benefit of Pilates, what’s even more important is what’s happening to the muscles you can’t see. Pilates movement works and strengthens the deeper core muscle groups, providing the support needed to avoid back pain and injury.
  2. Pilates makes causes you to become more mindful. Every moment of the day, you are either building your core up, or weakening it through your movements and actions. Posture plays a significant role in a strong core. The more proper your posture, the healthier the core muscles become. Pilates movement is purposeful and helps you become more aware of your posture throughout the day.
  3. Pilates incorporates multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Many of the supposed core building exercises focus on one muscle group at a time. Pilates works multiple complementary groups, so that as they become stronger they’re able to work together more efficiently.
  4. Pilates is focused on precision. Pilates isn’t about breaking a sweat or doing an insane number of reps. The goal is to be precise and purposeful with movement. It’s this type of precision that’s behind Pilates reign as a core strength builder.
  5. You won’t leave Pilates behind. Finally, to build a strong core, you need to be committed to the process. Pilates is rewarding, challenging and relaxing at the same time. It’s a routine that’s easy to stick with and easy to love.

Pilates Is Waiting for You

You are worth the time and effort of self-care. Pilates is a great way of taking care of yourself, building a strong core, sculpting your muscles and becoming pain free. We have a Pilates class that’s just right for you. Contact Yogacorefit today to request a class schedule.

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