5 Tips to Make Couple’s Pilates a Success

For most of us, a workout buddy helps to keep us focused and accountable with our fitness goals. But, what about if that workout buddy is your romantic partner? Some might laugh at the idea, but experts say that working out with your partner can be great for your relationship.

Pilates is a great form of exercise for couples to do together. It’s easily adaptable to different levels of fitness and many of the exercises work great for two people. If you’re thinking about starting a Pilates practice with your love, here’s 5 tips that will help make it a success.

Decide on a Schedule and Routine

Anytime that you’re working out with a partner, the obvious first thing you need to do is set a schedule. One reason that couples choose to do Pilates together is they want more quality time with each other. For busy couples with hectic schedules this can present even more of a challenge.

The key is finding a time that works for both of you. This might mean a morning Pilates practice together at home, meeting after work or even a quick lunch time session at a nearby fitness facility.

Second is deciding on a routine. Pilates is great for couples because there are so many exercises that are great for working together. You’ll want to take individual fitness levels into consideration when developing and adapting your Pilates routine.

Double Up on Equipment

If you’re doing Pilates at home, make sure you double on essentials like mats, blocks and bands. You might be able to get away with sharing equipment most of the time, but occasionally there will be an instance where you’ll both need the same equipment at the same time.

Don’t Try to Compete

A little playful competition can be a good thing for relationships, but your Pilates routine isn’t really the best place to get competitive. To start, Pilates and competitiveness don’t exactly go hand in hand. But, it’s also important to keep your goals in mind, which are probably to become healthier and stronger while enjoying some time together. Save the competitiveness for board games.

Set Independent Goals

You’re likely coming at your Pilates practice from two different directions in terms of strength, fitness levels and endurance. Each of your bodies are going to respond to Pilates differently, so it’s important to set individual fitness goals. The only goal you should make as a couple is to show up and support each other.

Think of It as a Date

The best way to share Pilates with your partner is by making a date out of it. This is a time when the two of you get to work closely together, one on one. It’s a chance to get to know your partner and grow as a couple. With the right mindset, Pilates can be a romantic experience.

For your next date night, why not consider a Pilates class? We’re excited to help you and your partner get strong and fit together. Contact Yogacorefit today for our Pilates class schedule.

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