5 Simple, No-Excuse Ways of Making Time for Regular Workouts

Work, family obligations and a never ending to do list can make it difficult to find or prioritize even a little extra time for yourself. We’ve all been that person who just can’t find time for self-care. When schedules are tight, it’s almost always the fitness routine that gets sacrificed first. 

Unfortunately, not taking time for a regular fitness routine can leave you less capable of handling all the other obligations in your life. Regular workouts give you more energy, improved concentration and focus, relieve stress, boost the immune system and slow the aging process. If you’ve been struggling to find time for your workouts, here are 5 easy tips for fitting them into the most hectic of schedules.

Put It on the Books

If someone asked you for a favor or you had to squeeze in an appointment, you’d find the time. Your workout should take equal priority. The first step to making time for your workouts is to make an appointment with yourself to do it. You might have to get up a half hour earlier or give up the time you spend in line waiting for your coffee. Just start by scheduling it and then showing up.

Sneak It In

Often, there are more opportunities for a workout than we realize, we just have to get a little clever about it. You know you don’t want to go to yet another coworker lunch, so why not take a walk or hit the company gym instead? A restless toddler that’s demanding your time is the perfect excuse to get on the floor and lift them in the air – in reps of 10, of course.

Find Something You Enjoy

It’s entirely possible that you’re letting your dread of working out contribute to not finding time for it. If you’re short on time, focus only on what you really enjoy. If you love running, then go for quick jog right after work. If stretching or yoga energizes you, set the alarm and greet the day with a sun salutation. Give yourself permission to not be too rigid about the type of exercise, but instead focus on the commitment.

Bring the Kids Along

Carin for little ones takes a lot of time, but there are ways can you still get a workout in. First, take advantage of any childcare services that your local gym offers. If that isn’t an option, see if anyone offers a short drop off service, where you can safely leave your child for an hour or so – churches and community centers often offer this service.

If that’s not an option, get them involved. Load them up in a stroller and get a little extra cardio in on your run or take them outside and play their favorite sport.

Sign Up

One of the best ways to make sure a workout happens is by investing and committing to a class. To up your chances of success, make it one you enjoy and look forward to. Sign up for a yoga class or try the latest fitness trend. We feature a range of options that include yoga, Pilates and barre classes. Contact Yogacorefit to learn more about our schedule today.

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