5 Easy Yoga Poses Every Beginner Should Master

Every person that has ever walked into a beginner yoga class for the first time has experienced the same thing. Rather than focusing on their body and their own movements, they spend time glancing around the room, hoping to see that the position they’ve found themselves in is at least somewhat close to what other people are doing. With so much distraction, it can be hard to really focus in on what you’re doing and reap the many benefits that yoga has to offer. 

Even those who are somewhat familiar with yoga can experience this. This is part of the reason why you should always start off with a beginner level class, even if you feel you can physically handle something more advanced. Taking the time to familiarize yourself with some basic poses will go a long way in developing your yoga practice over the coming weeks and months. 


That said, it’s always a good idea to walk in with at least a basic understanding of some of the most common yoga poses for beginners. Before you take your first class, here are five beginner poses to become better acquainted with. 


Downward Facing Dog


Downward facing dog, where you bend over, keeping your legs straight, to make a sort of triangle with the mat, is one of the first poses you’ll do in yoga. In fact, it’s the first pose that many associate with yoga. Don’t let the simplistic look of this pose fool you, though. Many beginners risk injury by overextending their body and leaning too far forward. 


Mountain Pose


Mountain pose is a less well-known beginning yoga pose, but it’s crucially important. Mountain pose helps you learn proper posture and breathing by aligning your body. As you lift your arms up into the air, mountain pose helps you develop confidence in your core muscles and increase upper body flexibility. 


Tree Pose


In more advanced yoga, you’ll encounter many poses that require precise balance. Nobody expects you not to topple over on the first day of class, so give yourself a little breathing room and begin by practicing the tree pose. The tree pose is an excellent introduction to balance poses and it works to build core strength in the process. 


Warrior Pose 


There are several versions of the Warrior pose, but Warrior I and Warrior II are the ones you’ll encounter first in beginning yoga. It’s important to take your time and learn how to move within these two poses properly. When executed correctly, the Warrior poses are essential for building the flexibility and balance you’ll need in more advanced yoga practice. 


Child’s Pose


Child’s pose is important because it’s the pose you transition into whenever there’s a major shift, such as when you’re transitioning into a cool down phase, or you need to allow yourself a break during practice. Child’s pose is also one of the simplest, and easiest for individuals with low flexibility to master. 


Begin Your Yoga Journey Today

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