4 Yoga Rituals to Welcome Spring

It’s a great feeling when the last bits of winter melt away, and spring starts to peak through. It’s a season of rejuvenation, for both the body and spirit. The change of seasons is a great opportunity to refresh your exercise routines, including your regular yoga practice.

Yoga rituals that invigorate the spirit and detox the body are perfect for welcoming spring. Here are few ideas for yoga rituals that will help you bid farewell to winter and welcome spring with open arms.

Sun Salutations

It’s a yogic tradition to welcome the change of any season with 108 sun salutations. The number 108 holds spiritual significance in yoga and Hinduism. According to yogic tradition there 108 sacred places in the body, and the number represents a wholeness of the spirit.

Devoting some time to this sacred sun salutation practice is a wonderful way to welcome spring. However, if this number is a bit much for you, you can adapt it to a number that has significance to you. For example, you could do one sun salutation for each spring equinox you have been alive through.

Take Your Yoga Practice Outside

Did you wake up with the birds singing and a warm ray of sunlight kissing your face? If you normally practice indoors, switch things up and head outside on the first day of spring where the weather is accommodating.

Practicing yoga outdoors brings you closer to nature and helps to align your body’s natural rhythm to the change of the season. Choose a location that’s quiet, peaceful and holds some sort of significance for you.

Detoxify Your Life

Now is the perfect time to rid your body of all the stress and tension of the winter season, as well as shed the toxins that have accumulated in your body. Some people might choose to do a whole-body detox, including a fast, supplements or other type of detoxifying dietary plan.

Whether you detox through diet or not, you should also consider adding a detoxifying yoga ritual to your routine. Yin yoga, which is done at a slower pace with asanas held for a longer amount of time, helps to boost the detoxifying function of the liver and gallbladder while supporting an emotional cleansing at the same time.

If you’ve taken the time to detoxify your body, why not put in a little effort in to detoxify the rest of your life? Remember a couple months ago when we all made resolutions to live healthier, happier lives? How far have you come in your progress?

The start of spring brings with it the opportunity to banish negative behaviors, rid ourselves of toxic relationships and cleanse the home environment where we spend so much of our time. Ask yourself what’s holding you back, and then welcome spring by ridding yourself of all the unnecessary baggage.

Sign Up for a Yoga Class

Spring offers a chance for a fresh start. Why not make yourself a priority and treat yourself to a yoga class. We’re sure that after just one class, you’ll love the feeling of optimism and renewal. Contact us at Yogacorefit for a current schedule and more information.

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