3 Yoga Centered Morning Rituals to Boost Productivity and Focus

Whoever invented the snooze button was a genius. Unfortunately, they also made it way to convenient to create excuses to be less than productive, especially in the morning hours. The truth is how we start our day affects our thoughts and actions the whole day through. It’s all connected.

If you’re having trouble harnessing energy and focus in the morning, these 3 yoga inspired routines, that honor your body and spirit, can help.

Wake Up Early

For those of us who aren’t exactly morning people, the idea of waking up earlier than needed is almost painful. But, yoga principles teach us that an early start makes for a more productive day. Here’s why.

The moments right before sunrise are infused with vata energy. Vata is the energy of movement, and it controls blood flow, breathing and unlocks the flow of thoughts through the mind. Waking up and moving out of your bed 15-20 minutes before the sun rises allows you enough time to soak up this incredible energy.

These early moments are a great time to do a few yoga stretches. Instead of feeling groggy as your start the day, you’ll feel energized, your thoughts will be clearer, and you’ll feel more focused and organized. All of these are important for a productive day.

Tea Meditation

Your state of mind in the morning greatly influences how the rest of the day will go. Just think about the last time you woke up late, grabbed something to eat in the car but managed to spill it all down your shirt, and unsuccessfully tried to sneak into the morning meeting 15 minutes late. No great day ever starts like this.

It’s important to take some time in the morning to center your thoughts. One of our favorite ways of doing this is something called a tea meditation. This can be done with any beverage, but there’s a bit or ritual to tea that makes it perfect.

Start by preparing everything for the tea and setting in front of you. Do a few stretches, center your breath and be in the moment. Next, mindfully brew your tea and honor the patience that’s involved in the steeping process.

Then bring the cup up to your nose and inhale the aroma. Picture it infusing your entire body with energy before taking a sip. Again, practice mindfulness and fully experience the sensation of the tea warming your body.

Take your time with this and be fully aware of each sensation. This sets the stage for mindful, focused thought as chaos and disorder slip away.

Set Your Intentions

Finally, one of the most important things you can do for a productive day is set your intentions. Whether you do this through journaling, focused thought or another practice that feels right to you, this one ritual will give you direction and help eliminate distractions for the entire day.

What are some of your favorite morning rituals? We’d love to hear about them. We’re here to help you build a yoga centered life. Contact Yogacorefit today for more information about our classes.

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