3 Easy Poses That Prove Yoga Is for Everyone

Do you have a yoga mat that’s just sitting in the corner, collecting dust? Perhaps you bought it with the best of intentions, but then when it came time to use it you began to doubt your own body’s ability to stretch and contort itself into some of the complicated yoga poses you’ve seen. Here’s a little secret – you’re not alone. Practically everyone who practices yoga regularly was once at that point where they wondered if yoga was right for them.

It’s time to put away your worries. There are various forms of yoga, which makes is a great form of exercise for people of all ages and fitness levels – and you don’t need to be flexible enough to bend yourself into a pretzel to enjoy it. Go grab that yoga mat, dust it off and try one of these poses that prove yoga is for all ages.

Child’s Pose

Before you ask, no it’s not just for children. Child’s Pose is a comforting yoga position that gently stretches out the lower part of the back, relaxes the spine and slowly warms leg muscles. It’s also a great default position for transitioning from one position to the next, or for when you find one position too challenging but don’t want to pause your sequence.

To put yourself into Child’s Pose, kneel on your hands and knees with your hands placed just in front of your shoulders. Slowly stretch lower buttocks until your mid-section is resting on your thighs. Then stretch your arms out in front of you along the mat until your feel a warm but comfortable stretching through the spin and lower back.

Tree Pose

Balance is a major focus of yoga, and there’s no better pose for building it than Tree Pose. Along with improving balance, this pose will also help to strengthen the core, spine and muscles of the thigh and calf areas.

To achieve Tree Pose, stand with your feet a close togethers as comfortable. Carefully shift your weight to one leg and then raise the other leg high enough to grab your angle and place your foot on the inner thigh of the opposite leg. An alternate method is to slowly slide the foot up the inside of the weight bearing leg to as close to the thigh as is comfortable. Lift up through the weight bearing leg and hold for a moment before releasing and repeating with opposite leg.

Cobra Pose

The Cobra Pose is a great, low stress position for strengthening and building flexibility in the back muscles and spine. It’s also great for building up muscles in the shoulders, chest and parts of the abdominal core. Cobra Pose is a good pose to use towards the end of your session because it can easily transform into resting poses, such as the Corpse Pose.

To get into Cobra Pose, lie on your belly with your forehead touching the mat. Place hands so that they are under your shoulders, keeping elbows tucked close to the body. Inhale and press your weight into the mat through your lower body while using your arms to lift your head and chest off the floor. Remember to breathe as you lower yourself and repeat.

We Focus on Yoga for All Ages

The poses here barely scratch the surface of yoga exercises that are suitable for all ages and skill levels. We offer a variety of yoga classes in Vacaville to fit your needs. Contact Yogacorefit today to learn more and begin your yoga journey.

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