What Is Yin Yang Harmony Yoga?


In the Chinese Taoist tradition, energy is understood through the paired concepts of yin and yang. Together, these energies bring balance. In our Yin Yang Harmony yoga classes, we draw from each of these energies for a class that is equally invigorating and relaxing.

The concept of yin and yang dates back to at least the third century BC; it is possible it is older than that.  The yin yang symbol represent harmony between dark and light. It is a calm balance that came out of chaos. Each energy is intrinsically linked to the other, and each contains some of the other. This is why there is a small spot of the opposite color in the heart of each side of the yin yang symbol. The sides are drawn to each other and complement one another. To have a harmonious existence, you must draw from each side, keeping the two energies in balance. In Taoist beliefs, a surfeit of either energy is harmful. You need to be both passive and active to get access to a full life.

Yang energy is masculine, warm, active and striving. The word “yang” comes from one that translates to “sunny side.” This is the energy that imbues our actions when we are working hard toward improvement, whether that improvement is in our work lives, our relationships or in ourselves. The yang half of our Yin Yang Harmony class is active and dynamic Vinyasa Yoga. This is a challenging style that helps us build strength and flexibility. We are striving toward change and improvement.

The word yin means “shady side.” It is energy that is passive, cool, feminine, soft and accepting. It is the act of being gently transformed. Yin energy is malleable; it moves like water, effortlessly adapting to fit the world around it without changing. In Yin Yang yoga, yin energy symbolizes softness and flow. During the yin portion of the class, we focus on acceptance. Calm meditation and self-love help us accept the parts of our bodies that we never feel are good enough. We hold deep stretches for three to five minutes at a time, gently stretching connective tissues and relaxing into a state of bliss.

By balancing these active and passive energies, we are able to craft a yoga practice that gives us both a vigorous and strengthening workout and a calming and relaxing moving meditation. We gain the strength and endurance to push through our toughest challenges and the serenity to move through them peacefully. We look forward to the opportunity to share this aspect of our practice with you. Check the schedule to join us in a Yin Yang Harmony class.

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