Workshops and Events

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We are proud to offer many types of workshops at our studio. These special experiences are taught by very caring and knowledgeable instructors. Some examples of workshops are restorative yoga, partner yoga, special meditation and chakras awareness.

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Upcoming Workshops and Events

Holiday Canned Food Drive

Practice Yoga “off the mat”

Karma Yoga = a spriritual path based on the “yoga of action”, the path of selflessness.

Dharma = to be a spiritual person seeking the “right way of living”, giving without asking for return.

For every canned food item you bring in, put a raffle ticket in the box in the studio.  Winner picked Jan 31, 2008,

Canned food donated to The Opportunity House (Vacaville) and The SPCA Haven for Animals (Vacaville)

You may win a “Manduka Mix” (a Manduka yoga mat, two Manduka cork blocks, a Manduka yoga strap, and a Gaiaim yoga DVD)

January Self – Challenge

New Year’s Inspiration

Start the new year with happiness and motivation.

Create or maintain a balanced lifestyle by attending 3 days a week for the month of January.  That’s 12 days total. 

It costs you nothing but the price of the classes. Just write your name on our chart in the studio.  Put a check in a box for each day you attend. 

If you complete the challenge, you get a free Yogacorefit logo shirt of your choice, another special gift from us, and 4 free guest passes.  Please sign up in the studio.  Namaste.

Glow and Flow


Special Yogalates Class

(with Christina and Maddy)

Fri, Jan 26

7:00 pm to 8:15 pm

$25 per person

Please pre-register since spaces are limited.

Come join us for this super rocking yogalates class party!  We will have black lights, disco lights, and free wine tasting.  We will give you free black light glowing necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and glow paint!  It will be so fun to practice yoga and pilates while we glow and flow!  Along with free wine tasting, munch on free pretzels and other appetizers. See you at this yoga party!