We are proud to offer many types of workshops at our studio. These special experiences are taught by very caring and knowledgeable instructors. Some examples of workshops are restorative yoga, partner yoga, special meditation and chakras awareness.

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Upcoming Workshops and Events

Yogacorefit Holiday Gift Guide Calendar

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Nov 25 – Dec 1 — 25% off all essential oils & sparys, incense & incense holders, candles

Dec 2 – Dec 8 — 30% off all jewelry

Dec 9 – Dec 15 — 25% off all meditation items (eye cushions, healing stones, etc.)

Dec 16 – Dec 22 — 50% off all zen sculptures

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Dec 30 – Jan 5 — 25% off all yoga mats

The only items included in this sale will be located in a book shelf by the front desk.  In studio only.  While supplies last.  Shop our store in our newly added longer business hours!

Holiday BOGO Sale

Buy 1 Aerial Yoga Class, Get 2 FREE!!!

Pay only $20, get $40 FREE!  ($60 value)

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(New customers only.  Deal available for purchase until Dec.31.  You have 4 months to use your 3 classes after you take your first class using this deal.  Take your first class using this deal anytime.)

Shop Local

Support our Community

Let’s work together to five back to our community and “Shop Local”.  Yogacorefit has small business vendors in our studio retail store to encourage you to “Shop Local.” 

Visit our retail store during our new business hours:

Mon: 8:30 am – 7:00 pm

Tues, Wed, Thurs: 8:30 am – 8:30 pm

Fri: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

Sat: 8:30 am – 1:30 pm

Sun: 8:30 am – 8:30 pm

Try Aerial Gentle Stretch Class

Sundays at 12:00 pm

(with Carol)

Starting Nov 11

Have you always wanted to try Aerial Yoga, but going upside down or climbing are not for you?  Then, try our new Aerial Stretch Class on Sundays at noon.  This is a more relaxing approach to Aerial Yoga with only luxurious stretches and calming yoga poses.  Enjoy some wonderful stretches using the aerial yoga fabric as a supportive and relaxing prop.  Lay or sit softly in the fabric for full body stretches and relaxation.  Stretch your legs with one leg on the floor and the other in the fabric.  Melt away daily stress.

Thank Your Friends

November is about being thankful.

Between 11/11 – 11/30 bring a friend for FREE to class with you!  (now includes Aerial classes:))  )

You = must already take class here, your class is not free, may only bring one new friend per class

Friend = must be completely new to the studio, may only take one free class between 11/11 and 11/30

Day Before Thanksgiving

Wed, Nov 21 (Condensed Schedule)

Studio Hours This Day: open only during these class times

* 9:00 am – Iyengar Syle Yoga (with Tina)

* 9:15 am – Vinyasa 1 (with Christina)

*11:00 am – Restorative Yoga (with Tina)

* 5:30 pm – Power Hour Flow (with Christina)

Thanksgiving Day

Thurs, Nov 22 (One Special Class This Day)

Studio Hours This Day: closed except for this one class

* 9:00 am – Gratitude Flow (multilevel vinyasa yoga) (with Christina)

Dedicate your yoga practice to being thankful.

Regular class price.

Aerial Yin Yoga Workshop

(with Lorianna)

Sat, Dec 1

1-3 pm

$45 per person

The energy represented in “yin” and “yang” is derived from the Chinese Taoist tradition.  Our yang side strives for change that makes us think we are never good enough, held in our skin and muscles.  The modern world pushes us to over use our yang side causing us to feel overwhelmed and over stressed. 

Our yin side is at peace with how things are with a quiet acceptane, representing our bones and connective tissues.  Just being in the moment is enough, taking time to calm the muscles and mind.  The aerial yoga fabric hammock is safely suspended only one foot off the floor.  Let your body melt into luxuriously relaxing and calming stretches in the aerial fabric, leaving you in a wonderful state of bliss.

(Spaces limited.  Please pre-register to reserve your spot.  If you’re registering for more than one person, each person must pay and register separately.  Thank you.)

Singing Bowls and Yin Yoga Workshop

(with Jill Hines)

Fri, Dec 14

7 – 8:30 pm

$35 per person

“Chime in” and create “good vibrations” for the holidays.  Singing bowls harmonize the mind and body as you calmly stretch away holiday stress.  Often referred to as a “sound bath”, singing bowls fine tune your body’s natural frequencies.  Your mind and body feel cleansed.  Let’s decompress and embrace the love of the holiday season.

Holiday Renew & Restore Workshop

(with Tina and Megan)

Sat, Dec 15

1:30 – 4:30 pm

$35 per person

Holiday “Clear”

Set your intentions for the holiday season.  This year allow yourself to be truly present and connected to yourself and those around you.  Be guided by nature: renew, replenish, get quiet, and give ourselves time to go within to recharge and celebrate the light within.

We will start with pranayama (breathe work) and some gentle yoga movement, followed by a short discussion on the importance of winter routine.  Enjoy a warm cup of tea, then end with a nourishing restorative yoga and a candle relfection meditation.