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We are proud to offer many types of workshops at our studio. These special experiences are taught by very caring and knowledgeable instructors. Some examples of workshops are restorative yoga, partner yoga, special meditation and chakras awareness.

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Upcoming Workshops and Events

June Passport to Fitness

Summer Challenge

We have 19 styles of classes here.

Atted TEN different class styles in the month of JUNE.  Pick any of the class styles you like.  Any combinatiton of class styles is OK.

Simply write your name on the poster in our studio to sign up.  Put a check mark after you take a class style.  Complete the challenge and win a Yogacorefit basic logo shirt, 4 free guest passes, and another great gift from us.


Remember to check you “passport” when you travel to our studio.  Have fun visiting with us.  Namaste.

Standing Balances Workshop

(with Cynthia)

Sun, July 15

2 pm – 4 pm

$35 per person

Have you ever felt unstable in a standing balancing yoga pose cued in class and wanted to learn more about aligment but all of a sudden the classs has moved quickly into the next pose?  Come join Cynthia for a workshop dedicated solely to standing yoga balancing poses. 

When we practice proper alignment in standing poses we can learn to strengthen muscles in the core, legs, hips, shoulders, and upper back.  Being aware of your body in space can bring you to new alignment awareness in a pose.  We will be using props such as chairs and the wall to help with alignment awareness.  Maintaining a standing pose for a lengthened time not only builds strength but flexibility. 

Some of the poses we will cover:  Eagle, Tree, Bird of Paradise, Extended Hand to Big Toe, Fire Hydrant, Half Moon, Dancer’s Pose (with variations), Soldier, Standing Splits, and Warrior 3.