May 01

What are isometric moves?

If you’ve ever watched a ballet barre workout, you have probably noticed that there isn’t a lot of movement going on a lot of the time. Participants will either stand perfectly still or move in tiny inch by inch movements. Why is that? Isn’t barre supposed to be an intense core-focused work out. It it. It’s just that the poses themselves, known as isometric exercises, can help you get fit without having to make it look intense.

Isometric exercises involve tensing muscles without really moving them. Try pressing your hands against each other, palm to palm. They won’t move very much. But, you’ll feel tension and activity through your arms and chest.

In barre workouts, you hold poses that activate the muscle fibers, even though there won’t be movement. In many cases, you will either hold still or move in tiny one-inch increments. While you won’t move a lot, you’ll definitely feel like you worked out.

These exercises need good technique to ensure that you get the highest level of benefit. To make your ballet barre workout pay off, remember the following:

1. Breathe.

When you are tensing muscles, you can wind up unconsciously holding your breath. Concentrate on keeping your breathing as deep and steady as possible, just as you would during yoga. Pull breaths deep into your belly to get ample oxygen during your workout.

2. Work on your form.

Your form during a barre workout should have turned hips to keep you stable. Watch your instructor for the correct movements and poses. Doing it right means a more effective workout and a lower chance of injury. It’s also important to remember that class is not a competition. If you need do to modifications at first, talk to your instructor about the best moves for you. It’s better to go softer and build up than to injure yourself and miss classes!

3. Squeeze!

Since you are not moving during isometric exercise, good pressure is important. You should aim for about 60 to 80 percent of your strength. This is enough for you to get the maximum benefit without wearing yourself out with maximum effort.

4. Mix up your workouts.

Doing different types of exercises throughout your week can help you gain endurance and build strength throughout all your muscle sets. Consider mixing ballet barre workouts with yoga to get flexibility, strength and a long, lean dancer’s body. We offer a range of class times throughout the week so that you can catch whatever one you want to do.

Ballet barre workouts are hugely effective. Most people start to see improvements within a couple of weeks. While this exercise can be challenging, the pay-off is huge. Start with ballet barre now and start seeing the benefits in strength, flexibility and confidence right away.

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