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Life is a journey. Many of our students at Yoga Core Fit become our good friends. We always want to know how we can better our studio to meet your needs. We also enjoy hearing your story about how Yoga Core Fit has become a part of your life.

Paula K

I’ve reached my one year anniversary in my yoga journey. I began my journey at Yoga Core Fit in March of 2012 as a means of exercise to strengthen and tone my body. I didn’t want to do weight lifting exercises anymore and my knees remind me that running is not physically doable. I had taken Hatha Yoga 20 years ago, but only a couple of times and never stuck with it. After my first class, I was hooked.

My first class was Vinyasa 1. I was familiar with the yoga poses from a DIY yoga DVD. My attempt to follow a routine at home proved more difficult than I anticipated, because the instructions were not clear enough for my yoga newbie mind to understand. My at home downward facing dog was uncomfortable. Was it uncomfortable because it was a new experience or because I was doing it incorrectly? I think yoga is an aging-joint appropriate form of moving my body, and I wanted to learn how to do the poses correctly.

Paula Profile PicWith the guidance of professionally trained teachers at Yoga Core Fit, I am learning the correct alignment for my body. Yoga is not a one size fits all. Each of us has different abilities and strengths and with the help of the professionally trained Yoga Core Fit teachers, I am discovering what my body is capable of in a safe and nurturing environment.

In hindsight, that first Vinyasa class was the beginning of a journey of self discovery. In the beginning, I attended a class or two per week, and then increasing to several per week. My downward facing dog was getting more comfortable. My flexibility was improving and my muscles were getting stronger. As my core strength improved, so did my balance and posture. My low back pain eased.

I’ve discovered that yoga is a practice. We are always practicing yoga. There’s no yoga college with an end date. No diploma that says you have completed yoga. Yoga is a lifetime of practice and discovery. My teachers tell me that they are always practicing and discovering more about themselves and their practice. That impresses me. Even my teachers are practicing and making new discoveries!

I am learning to enjoy the journey. I am learning the mindfulness of my practice, and I’m more aware of mindfulness in my everyday life. I’m learning to love where I am in the here and now, on and off my mat. I love the physical aspect of yoga. I love to move my body. But the surprise in my yoga journey was the awareness of bringing in conscious intention into my practice; the intention of dedicating my practice to me or someone else; the intention of breathing in and out with the flow of the poses; the intention of an open mind for discovery. Every day that my mat and I join together for 75 minutes, I learn something new about me and about my practice. I am very thankful for my perseverance to stick with yoga for a year. The rewards have been more than I expected. My yoga journey has only begun. I look forward to many years of a rewarding relationship with my yoga mat. And I’m very grateful for Yoga Core Fit and the teachers, because I have a wonderful place to practice for many years to come!