Host Your Bachelorette at Our Studio

bachelorette at our studio

Not into the usual night out on the town or stuffy old fashioned bridal showers? Modern couples have more options than ever when planning wedding-related events. More and more people are choosing unusual weddings and offbeat parties for the bride beforehand.

There is no reason that your bachelorette party should be a cookie cutter outing. Your celebration should reflect who you are and the connection you share with your bridal party and friends. One of the healthiest choices you and your bridal party can make is to skip the bar crawl and have your bachelorette party in our studio’s party rental room.

Innovative Bachelorette Party

Our innovative bachelorette party can begin with a private class just for you and your friends. Connect with one another during a soothing traditional mat yoga class. Or, get your blood pumping with our ballet barre Pilates. You can even try something new and exciting with an aerial yoga class for an unforgettable and unique celebration. If you have ever been curious about this artful and exciting practice, what better time than at this special party with your friends?

The Party Room

The party room can be booked after the class so you can continue to enjoy your time together. All rooms feature dimmable ceiling lights so you can choose the lighting that best fits the mood of your celebration. Listen to favorite tunes using the in-room CD player or iPod dock. Room 2 even features black lights and a disco ball for an especially festive party.

Convenient Place for Celebrate

Yoga Core Fit is a convenient place for you to celebrate, with ample parking, two large restrooms, included washable exercise towels and filtered water and cups provided. Both rooms include large tables to hold gifts and whatever celebratory treats you’d like to bring along to share.

At Yoga Core Fit, we believe that some of the best connections can be forged when sharing a treasured activity together. Instead of waking with a hangover and a fuzzy memory, choose a bachelorette option that will give you astounding photos of you all trying out new feats and memories that will last a lifetime.

Want to have a party that stands out? Get in touch with us today so we can help plan an exciting and unusual bachelorette party for you.

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