What to Bring to Aerial Yoga Class

If you are gearing up for your first aerial yoga class, it’s natural to be a little nervous. Feeling that you’ve properly prepared for the class can help ease your nerves and allow you to engage more fully. To be prepared for class, make sure that you have brought the right items along and left the ones that are intrusive or not-needed at home:

1. A water bottle.

Bring along a bottle of water so that you can rehydrate immediately after class. Try to avoid drinking too much water immediately before class begins. Inversions may be uncomfortable with a full stomach. (For the best results, hydrate regularly throughout the day.)

2. A yoga mat.

Even though you will be in a hammock for most of the class, you still need to bring your mat along to an aerial class. The mat will be used for floor exercises and as a soft surface below your hammock.

3. Toe socks or yoga socks.

While many people prefer to practice barefoot, yoga socks are good to have if you are worried about slipping during practice. For your¬†first time in the hammock, it’s better to have them along with you and not need them than to wish you had them when you left them at home.

4. Form fitting clothing.

When dressing for your class or packing your bag, make sure that you have the right clothes for a good experience. Clothing should have at least short sleeves and come below the knee to avoid abrasions or rubbing. Make sure that clothes are form fitting so that they do not ride up an inopportune moments during inversions.

5. A bag to keep it all.

Your yoga bag doesn’t have to be something fancy. Any duffel bag or gym bag will do to keep everything corralled during class. This ensures that it’s easier for you to keep everything together and that you haven’t left something behind when class is done.


Aerial yoga classes also have a few “don’ts.”¬†Leave these home for a better experience:

  • Perfumes and lotions. These can stain or weaken hammocks. Additionally, strong scents like perfumes or essential oils can linger in a hammock after you’ve gone.
  • Jewelry and belts. All jewelry should be removed and either left at home or kept safely in your bag. Jewelry can snag or tear hammocks, leading to expensive damage.
  • Your phone. Be sure to turn your phone off or set everything to silent before class begins. Buzzing and beeping can be invasive and can take people out of the experience.

Aerial yoga can allow you to get deeper into positions and more fully relax. By ensuring that you have taken care of the small bits of preparation before you come to class, you can enjoy the experience more fully and without any lingering worries that can get in the way of your practice.

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