Jan 15

Yoga for Weight Loss



Many of us wind up overindulging during the holidays and picking up a bit of extra weight. With regular yoga practice and healthy eating, however, you can get back to fighting fit. A few of the reasons yoga is a great for weight loss:

1. Yoga helps you develop self-compassion

When you make a commitment to healthier eating habits, a few slip-ups are inevitable. When you are feeling self-critical about these lapses, it’s easy to give up and fall into bad habits again. Regular yoga practice helps you feel more compassionate toward yourself; if you slip up or overindulge, it is easier to let it go and continue with better habits the next day.

2. Yoga can help with weight distribution

While genes have the most impact on where you will carry weight, hormones play a part, as well. When we are under a lot of stress, our bodies release cortisone. This stress hormone makes us more likely to carry weight around our bellies. With the relaxing power of regular yoga, we reduce stress hormones, allowing us to distribute whatever weight we do carry in different areas.

3. Yoga burns calories

Gentle hatha yoga burns around 160 calories for every hour of practice. More vigorous styles like vinyasa can burn over 500 per hour. While exercise alone doesn’t lead to a large enough calorie deficit for weight loss, paired with a healthy diet, you will be on the way to feeling better and looking your best.

4. Yoga can change how you deal with stress

When researchers talked to psychologists about the factors that affect diet, they said that emotional eating was one of the most important. Our hectic daily lives can leave us feeling stressed out and reaching to food for comfort. When we add our yoga practice to our daily routines, we change the way that our brains react to stress. We become more level headed and able to keep calm even during trying days. This allows us to better regulate how and what we eat. You will find that you are less likely to reach for a sugary snack when stress comes up and more likely to cope with healthier habits.

Yoga helps us connect our minds and our bodies. We are better able to form the habits that will serve both best. Over time, we will find that, when we practice yoga regularly, we eat better, are gentler with ourselves and that our bodies are stronger, slimmer and healthier. Book a class today to work toward the best version of yourself.

Jan 01

The History of Ballet Barre Pilates

Barre workouts are trendy now, and a popular way for a number of celebrities to stay in shape. However, many people are surprised to learn that this full-body workout is not new. For over 50 years, barre classes have been helping both men and women attain higher levels of fitness.

Dancer Lotte Berk first developed the barre method when she suffered a back injury. By combining her ballet barre training with physical therapy, she was able to recover and get stronger. She opened her studio, The Lotte Berk Method in London in 1959.

Her method came to the US in 1971 when one of her students, Lydia Bach, opened The Lotte Berk Method in New York. According to Bach, the benefit of barre workouts is how they balance toughness and safety. People who participate in barre classes are able to push themselves with less risk of injury than in other high-energy workouts.

Since its beginnings, barre workouts have been known for their ability to provide toning and flexibility in a fun setting. The combination of ballet moves, yoga and pilates creates a highly effective workout. Instructors have a great deal of flexibility and will add their own unique spin on this well established and effective form. As the workout has developed over time, it has benefited from the input of sports scientists and modern exercise efforts to make it more effective.

The ballet barre pilates studio looks like a traditional dance studio, with barres along the walls to help you balance and open floor for other activities. Shoes are not worn in class; typically, participants will be barefoot or wearing grip socks or ballet shoes.

he barre exercises help you develop your core muscles. This helps you burn fat, improves your posture and can make you more effective in your everyday life. Whether you are engaging in another athletic activity, in the middle of a fast paced day at work or making the most of a day off, your barre training will give you a boost.

Our barre classes use modern, high paced music to get you moving. Intervals of strengthening and lengthening exercises help you flatten your stomach, lift your bottom, tone your airs and develop shapely thighs. The class is challenging, but addictive. Each time you practice the movements, you build the strength and endurance to make it easier next time and to give yourself the ability to move up to the next level.

Barre has the power to help you feel changes in your body right away. Over time, you will see your body improve and feel stronger, sexier and more confident. Book a class today.

Dec 15

Host Your Bachelorette at Our Studio

bachelorette at our studio

Not into the usual night out on the town or stuffy old fashioned bridal showers? Modern couples have more options than ever when planning wedding-related events. More and more people are choosing unusual weddings and offbeat parties for the bride beforehand.

There is no reason that your bachelorette party should be a cookie cutter outing. Your celebration should reflect who you are and the connection you share with your bridal party and friends. One of the healthiest choices you and your bridal party can make is to skip the bar crawl and have your bachelorette party in our studio’s party rental room.

Innovative Bachelorette Party

Our innovative bachelorette party can begin with a private class just for you and your friends. Connect with one another during a soothing traditional mat yoga class. Or, get your blood pumping with our ballet barre Pilates. You can even try something new and exciting with an aerial yoga class for an unforgettable and unique celebration. If you have ever been curious about this artful and exciting practice, what better time than at this special party with your friends?

The Party Room

The party room can be booked after the class so you can continue to enjoy your time together. All rooms feature dimmable ceiling lights so you can choose the lighting that best fits the mood of your celebration. Listen to favorite tunes using the in-room CD player or iPod dock. Room 2 even features black lights and a disco ball for an especially festive party.

Convenient Place for Celebrate

Yoga Core Fit is a convenient place for you to celebrate, with ample parking, two large restrooms, included washable exercise towels and filtered water and cups provided. Both rooms include large tables to hold gifts and whatever celebratory treats you’d like to bring along to share.

At Yoga Core Fit, we believe that some of the best connections can be forged when sharing a treasured activity together. Instead of waking with a hangover and a fuzzy memory, choose a bachelorette option that will give you astounding photos of you all trying out new feats and memories that will last a lifetime.

Want to have a party that stands out? Get in touch with us today so we can help plan an exciting and unusual bachelorette party for you.

Dec 01

Coming Back to Yoga

coming back to yoga

It happens so easily. You start a yoga class, but then miss a couple of sessions because life gets in the way. More and more things happen, and you discover that you haven’t taken your yoga mat out in months. The longer you are away, the harder it can be to start up again. But, you do not have to let inertia keep you from making positive changes. If it’s been a while since you fell away from your practice, keep all of these in mind:

1. The yoga studio is a no judgment zone.

Sometimes, we stay away because we are afraid that we’ll be judged for missing so many sessions. Remember that ahimsa, which is typically translated as non-violence and non-harming includes non-judgment. Work toward non-judgement from yourself and know that others are most likely to be understanding.

2. You can start small.

If you are worried that you will be too busy to commit to classes, start with small routines at home. Greeting the day with a sun salutation is a good place to start. Try to drop into classes on the same day each week, but do not be harsh with yourself if life gets in the way.

3. Change your narrative.

Don’t think of yourself as someone who quit yoga or who let their practice fall away. Instead, think in terms of moving forward. You are someone making a recommitment to their health and their community and their self-esteem. When intrusive thoughts come, simply acknowledge them and release them. Over time, you will find that negative self talk becomes less common.

4. Find a community that fits for you.

Go to classes at different times of day or try different ones. You will find that each group has a different vibe. Check out different groups until you find the perfect instructor for you and a class that just feels like you fit there. Finding a friend to come to classes with you can help with accountability and help you look forward to every class.

5. Go slowly and gently.

If you have been away from yoga for a while or if you had to stop for a bit because of an injury, your strength and flexibility levels may not be where they were before. Take time and do not push hard so that you do not sustain an injury.

Always remember that each day is a new chance to start building healthy, sustaining habits. Step into a beginner, intermediate or advanced yoga class at Yoga Core Fit today.

Nov 15

Staying in Shape While Traveling

shape while traveling

Some of us need to travel regularly for work. Others are getting ready for the holidays and trips across the country to see far flung family. And still others are getting away for a special vacation with their partner or some friends. And, while these trips are often hectic, it is still important to keep up your regular exercise routines so that you aren’t playing catch up when you get back home. A few ways to keep on top of workouts during travel:

1. Bookmark a few yoga videos on your video network of choice.

YouTube, Amazon Prime, DoYogaWithMe and other sites have a number of free yoga videos to follow when you aren’t in town and can’t make it to class. Choose ones that use minimal props so that you are able to fully participate even when you want to travel light.

2. Search for local fitness parks.

More and more cities are developing free-to-use outdoor parks where adults can work their way through activities. Some are simple exercise trails with small activities along the way, such as pull up bars and balance beams. Others offer outdoor elliptical machines and other amenities that visitors can use freely.

3. Set a reminder in your phone.

If you put a daily reminder to get in some exercise into your phone, you are more likely to keep the date with yourself instead of getting wrapped up in travel-related activities. Make it for a time that you are likely to be unoccupied with other tasks, such as first thing in the morning.

4. Download a yoga app.

There are a number of free and paid apps that provide audio direction and images of poses. These can lead you through a series of poses to give you a complete yoga routine to start your day. Depending on the app, you can choose poses that are prop-free or ones that use the yoga aids that you have brought along, such as blocks and yoga straps.

5. Get there by walking.

Whenever possible, pick scenic walks as your mode of transportation when you are away. Not only will you get more exercise, you will get to explore the city you are visiting far more thoroughly. Choose “walking” on Google Maps to find the quickest route. Or, check out apps like Walkanomics that can help you find the most scenic paths between one place or another.

By making regular physical activity a priority, you can travel without losing the physical gains you’ve worked so hard for. Add exercise to each day to make your trip more enjoyable and for a healthier time out of town.

Nov 01

What is hiking yoga?

hiking yoga

If you’ve checked out our upcoming workshop calendar, you may have noticed something different: we started offering a Hiking Yoga workshop at the beginning of October. Besides the benefits of a change of pace, there are a lot of reasons that we’re happy to offer this unique workshop. A few reasons we’d love to have you join us:

1. Adding some cardio to your yoga workout burns extra calories.

By alternating between stretching and getting out to move, you increase the fat burning benefits of your yoga class. If part of your reason for your yoga practice is losing weight, you will find that adding some cardio activity allows you to reach your goal more quickly.

2. Getting out in nature lifts your mood.

Studies showed that people who got their exercise outdoors received a bigger mood elevation benefit than people who worked out indoors alone. By adding our hike in the middle, we get you out into the fresh air and natural surroundings, allowing you to get a boost that lasts all day.

3. Alternating yoga with walking improves mental cognition.

Get the blood pumping and feel sharper by getting outside for a refreshing hike in between our two gentle yoga sessions. You will find that you think faster, enjoy better memory and feel more alert all day after you are done.

4. It increases endurance.

When you begin with gentle stretching, add in a refreshing hike, then finish up with more soothing yoga, you’ll find that you are able to build endurance without feeling worn out. Day by day, alternating these activities can help make you able to go on longer. This helps your athletic performance in other activities, gives you more energy to get through your day to day tasks and means that you can get farther out in nature and enjoy what time in the woods has to offer.

5. It offers a change of pace.

Find that you are getting bored with your regular yoga practice? Adding some outdoor hiking in the middle allows you to get a different workout and make your everyday practice seem fresh and new again. By occasionally mixing it up with hot yoga, ballet barre Pilates and other classes, you can work more muscle groups and keep yourself more engaged.

Your daily yoga practice can and should be something you look forward to. By adding a new dimension, you allow yourself to develop new skills and abilities, find new ways to find a peaceful inside place and increase your strength. Join us for this outdoor yoga adventure.

Oct 15

Yoga Class Etiquette


Joining a new yoga class can give you the jitters. You may feel like you won’t know what to do. However, most classes are very tolerant of beginners. As long as you observe this yoga class etiquette, you will fit right in:

1. Avoid perfumes.

Before heading to class, avoid applying cologne, perfumed lotions or scented hair sprays. The scents of these can be overwhelming during physical activity, particularly in a small classroom.

2. Show up to class on time.

Try to get there a few minutes before class starts. This way, you have time to get your stuff stowed and your mat set up without delaying or interrupting class.

3. Remove your shoes outside.

Shoes should never be work into a yoga studio. Take shoes off before you enter and stow them in the provided storage space or in your yoga bag. If you prefer not to practice in bare feet, you can buy yoga socks that will cover your feet while still giving you the grip you need.

4. Stagger mat placement.

Look behind you to assure that you did not place your mat right in front of someone else’s. By staggering the mats, it is possible for everyone to have a clear, unobstructed view of your instructor.

5. Keep conversation minimal.

While some classes are more social than others, take a class or two to see how the rest of the room behaves. Many people prefer to keep the first few minutes before class quiet so that they can turn inward. You can use the minutes before class for quiet and centering meditation.

6. Turn off all your electronics.

Nothing is more jarring than the electronic beeps and tunes your phone makes when people try to get in touch. You can set up a pre-programmed “quiet time” using an app like Silent Time if you are worried that you will forget to turn your phone off before class or turn it back on after.

7. Be respectful about questions during class.

Many yoga instructors prefer that questions be reserved until after class. If you aren’t sure how to do a pose or if you need assistance, keep your question in mind so that it does not interrupt others’ concentration. Your teacher may move through the studio during class, which will give you an opportunity to quietly ask when she comes to you.

8. Clean up after class.

If you are using the studio’s mat and equipment, be sure to wipe them down before returning them. Ensure that you leave everything where it belongs and that the room is in the same shape it was before you entered.

In the end, it comes down to showing respect for your instructor and your fellow students. By observing proper etiquette, you can make others’ experiences at our Vacaville studio as pleasant as your own.

Oct 01

Staying Cool While Exercising


High temperatures can lead to dangerous overheating during exercise. Vacaville temperatures will continue to stay high for at least another month. These tips can help you stay cool while keeping active with indoor and outdoor pursuits.

1. Work on heat acclimation.

Regularly exposing yourself to short bits of heat while exercising helps increase blood volume, which allows your body to better cope with high temperatures. Do about 10 minutes of jogging, cycling or lifting outside each day. You can gradually increase the amount of time to get more used to the heat.

2. Wear breathable clothing.

It’s a myth that cotton breathes well. It may even make you feel hotter. Workout clothes made of synthetics that are specifically designed to wick away sweat can help your body do a better job regulating its temperature.

3. Drink regularly.

Small, regular sips can keep you hydrated and cool while you exercise. Do not wait until you are thirsty, since you may already have sweated out precious fluids by then. Your water should be in an insulated bottle that keeps it colder. You can also freeze a small amount of water in the bottle before filling it to keep it colder longer.

4. Dump cold water over your head.

This, obviously, is just for your outdoor workouts. The sensation of the cool water can help you override overheating. You can even start cooler by taking a cool shower before heading to your workout.

5. Use ice.

Rubbing ice on pulse points can help cool you down during a long, outdoor workout. Some ultra-marathoners keep cooler by filling a scarf with ice and wrapping it around their neck.

6. Stay in the shade.

Keeping out of direct sun can make outdoor workouts easier in hot weather. Find a tree-shaded area in your yard or a public park to help keep cool.

7. Work out early or late.

Switch from a mid-day workout to one just before you go to work. Or, wait until sunset to get access to cooler weather. It’s hottest outside between 10 am and 3 pm, so if you can avoid those hours, you can keep yourself cooler all throughout the hot weather.

Most importantly, listen to your body. If you are feeling faint, weak, dizzy or nauseated, these can all be signs that you are close to heat exhaustion. By avoiding the worst of the heat and making plans around it, you can keep yourself cooler through the end of the summer while still enjoying your favorite activities.

Sep 15

Pilates and Your Health

The Fitness Mood Connection

Exercise can be rewarding in and of itself, but many of us are seeking benefits outside the enjoyment of a class. When it come to improving your health, Pilates can be one of the best choices you can pick. A few of the benefits that make it a perfect health-booster:

Strengthening Your Core

Ballet barre Pilates helps you work your whole body in a way that makes your core muscles much stronger. This, in turn, helps you excel at other athletic activities. It also helps you avoid injuries. Whether you are engaging in a competition sport or just engaging in everyday activities like lifting small children and working around the house, the extra core strength can help you avoid strained muscles and other day to day hazards.

Stress Reduction

The focused concentration and control that Pilates requires can significantly cut down your stress levels. Since high stress has been linked to everything from insomnia to high blood pressure to a depressed immune system, everything you can do that cuts down on your stress levels is a good thing.

Easing Back Pain

Two out of three American adults experiences back pain at some point. For many, it’s a chronic condition linked to injuries or the repetitive stress of a desk job. Pilates improves flexibility and strength, allowing you to rebalance and experience far less pain. Cutting out chronic pain aids concentration, boosts the immune system and even makes you less susceptible to mood disorders like depression.

Improved Flexibility and Balance

When sports researchers wanted to reduce the incidence of injuries in college football players, they had them undergo balance and flexibility training. The players had significantly improved performance and far fewer injuries after adding this to their routines. Likewise, doctors recommend that, as we get older, we work on balance and flexibility to avoid the falls that can cause broken hips and other damage.

Better Heart Health

In a study on heart patients, researchers found that those who did Pilates in combination with 30 minutes of cardio a day improved far faster than those who did cardio alone. Since heart disease is one of the most common health conditions suffered by Americans, adding this early on may be able to help you avoid issues and stay healthy throughout your life.

Ballet barre Pilates is not just for women and not just for people who are already in athletic shape. We have classes available for people at all skill levels and we are willing to meet you where you are. Are you ready to make a healthy change? Check out our class calendar to find a ballet barre Pilates class here at our Vacaville studio.

Sep 01

The Fitness-Mood Connection

The Fitness-Mood Connection

Sometimes, life seems to take all the effort you have to remain on an even keel. Depending on the source, it’s estimated that anywhere from 9.5 percent to 26.5 percent of people in the US suffer from a diagnosable mood disorder in any given year. It takes all the tools we have available sometimes to keep our heads up when things are not going well. Study after study has found that exercise and physical fitness can give your moods a powerful boost.

An Immediate Mood Boost

Researchers have found that moderate exercise can boost your mood in as little as five minutes. The reasons for the improvement are varied. Concentrating on exercises can distract you from problems. The endorphin boost that exercise brings on is also a powerful mood enhancer.

Improved Self-Esteem

When we exercise regularly, we can feel ourselves become stronger and more capable. The satisfaction you get from a difficult yoga pose or a perfect inversion in an aerial silk can give you a boost that lasts for days. And, chances are good that shedding fat and building muscle will make us look better, too. Together, these can give you a serious boost in self-confidence that can help combat feelings of anxiety and uncertainty.

A Path to Social Connection

Anyone out of college can tell you: it gets much harder to meet people when you are an adult. An exercise class or a team sport can give you a venue where you can meet people who share at least one of your interests. Social connection is a big factor in maladies like depression. Get out around people who you enjoy on a regular basis to keep up your social connections and to help elevate your mood.

Long-term Mood Benefits

The subtle rewiring that exercise provides for your brain doesn’t end when your workout does. In a study on people with depression, people were divided into groups who either took an antidepressant or engaged in a regular exercise routine. At the end of four months, they discovered that the group who exercised had the same sort of improvement as the group who took antidepressants. But, what is even more exciting is what they learned later on. When researchers checked back in a year later, they found that the group who had kept on exercising had the lowest relapse rates for depression. By staying active, they’d keep themselves in remission and on a more even keel.

There’s no one exercise program that’s a perfect fit for everyone and no one approach that will work for all. But, if you are looking for a way to feel happier and to elevate your moves, you could just find what you’re looking for in our studio. Check our calendar to schedule a class today.

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