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Jul 15

How and Why to Work on Your Posture

Poor posture doesn’t just look bad. It can cause back pain, self esteem issues and can contribute to back and neck injuries. Is your posture less than perfect? Consider these tips and practices to improve your posture and your health. 1. Work on your core. Your core muscles support your torso and make it possible …

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Jul 01

Best Aerial Yoga Moves for Stress Relief

Many people think of aerial yoga as an acrobatic and highly athletic practice. However, it can be one of the most relaxing yoga styles, as it allows you to sink more deeply into poses and enjoy practice without pressure on the parts of your body that come into contact with the mat. Looking for stress …

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Jun 15

Can I do barre pilates when I’m injured?

There’s nothing more frustrating that being sidelined after an injury. What’s going to happen to all your progress?¬†Should you just push through the pain? While you may feel like you want to get back to your regimen as soon as possible, there are times you should take a break and times when you should change …

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Jun 01

5 Tips for a Great Aerial Yoga Class

Aerial yoga can seem a little intimidating before you start. But, this form has a lot of advantages that can actually make it easier for you to get more out of your workout. To make your class the best one possible for you, remember these important tips: 1. Pick the right clothes. Loose and airy …

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May 15

How Aerial Yoga Battles Back and Neck Pain

When people think of aerial yoga, their thoughts usually go straight to impressive acts of flexibility and balance, often performed many feet in the air. However, this view of the practice leaves out some of the best benefits that aerial yoga can provide. This type of yoga is especially good for neck and back pain. …

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May 01

What are isometric moves?

If you’ve ever watched a ballet barre workout, you have probably noticed that there isn’t a lot of movement going on a lot of the time. Participants will either stand perfectly still or move in tiny inch by inch movements. Why is that? Isn’t barre supposed to be an intense core-focused work out. It it. …

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Apr 15

Avoiding Injury During Ballet Barre Workouts

Ballet barre Pilates offers a great core workout; but, like any exercise, there is a risk of injury. To keep yourself off the sidelines, remember these important injury-avoidance tips during every barre workout: 1. Watch your posture. Barre exercises are meant to be performed with your hips, knees and ankles turned out. If you do …

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Apr 01

Can I Do Yoga When I’m Sick?

Feel a bug coming on? One of the decisions to make is whether to continue your practice as normal or whether it’s better to take a few days off to recuperate. The answer is that it’s not as simple as a yes or no question. When you are under the weather, consider these tips about …

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Mar 15

How Aerial Yoga Builds Confidence

Ever looked at an aerial performer with envy? How do they get that ability? Don’t you just wish that you could do what they could do? Surprisingly, these skills are not as elusive as they’d seem. Aerial yoga is accessible to people of all levels of mobility and all skill levels. You will be surprised …

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Mar 01

Strengthen Your Core with Barre Workouts

We all know how important core strength is. A strong core gives you better posture. It protects you from injury when you are taking on new athletic challenges. It helps you keep up your stamina when you are faced with a long and hectic day. The problem is finding the exercises that will help you …

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