Jun 01

5 Tips for a Great Aerial Yoga Class

Aerial yoga can seem a little intimidating before you start. But, this form has a lot of advantages that can actually make it easier for you to get more out of your workout. To make your class the best one possible for you, remember these important tips:

1. Pick the right clothes.

Loose and airy items are just going to get tangled around you or the hammock during a lot of moves. Instead, pick something form-fitting that is also comfortable. Clothing that breathes is best to keep you cool. Shits with sleeves are better than tank tops; the latter can lead to friction against the hammock. Most people practice barefoot, but you can wear yoga socks if you prefer. Remove any jewelry before class to keep it from catching o snagging on the hammock.

2. Skip the creams and products.

Avoid applying lotion, sunscreen or perfume before class. The first two can stain or damage the hammocks. The third can get cloying and overbearing in a tough class. While a scent may seem unobtrusive to you, it can get amplified while you are going through your poses.

3. Eat a couple hours before class.

You don’t want to go into class with your stomach growling in hunger, but you do not want to have a full stomach, either. Eating something nourishing like a bowl of oatmeal, some steamed salmon or another meal that stays with you is best.

You should also drink plenty of water throughout the day before class. This can keep you well-hydrated even if you are not taking breaks to drink during your aerial workout.

Make sure that you do not consume fizzy or acidic drinks before class. During inversions, these can lead to heart burn or an upset stomach.

4. Relax into the poses.

You will get a lot more out of every pose if you just let gravity do its job. Do not worry about the hammock supporting you. Most are rated for as much as 1,000 pounds. When you relax into each pose and ground in your hammock, you will get better stretches and more benefit.

5. Move slowly.

Don’t rush from one pose to another. This can throw your balance off, which can make it harder to move fully into every stretch. If you are rushing into or out of an inversion, you may wind up getting dizzy. Instead, slowly and deliberately move from one pose to the next.

Doing all of these before and during class can lead to a better experience all around. You will feel more comfortable during class and be able to get more out of every pose. It can take a few classes to get the swing of this style of yoga. Just keep coming to class and be open to learning to ensure that you get the fullest experience and the best benefits from your aerial yoga practice.

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