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Welcome to our yoga studio! I am so excited to share the benefits of yoga and mat Pilates with you! Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Please feel free to stop by for 2 weeks for $20 of Mat Yoga and Ballet Barre (Aerial Yoga not included)!

We believe in providing an effective and exciting workout that builds strength and endurance, without adding unnecessary bulk. We want you to get into great shape by using core enhancing Pilates exercises and strength building yoga poses that lengthen and tone, giving you a dancer like body. You will achieve:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Stronger muscles (without bulk)
  • Enhanced body tone
  • Reduced stress
  • Better posture
  • Increased endurance
  • Relaxed and clear mind
  • Stronger core
  • Improved balance
  • Injury prevention

Upcoming Workshops

Memorial Day Schedule

We will be OPEN on Monday, May 29 with a condensed class schedule of only two classes this day.

* 9:00 am – Iyengar Style Yoga (with Carol)

* 9:15 am – Vinyasa Yoga 1 (with Christina)

Wishing you a nice holiday.  Namaste.

Summer Special

3 Months Unlimited Classes for $190

(includes aerial & mat yoga, barre pilates)

Get this deal while it’s HOT!

Work on that Summer Body.

Take time for yourself this summer.

You deserve it!

This SIZZLIN DEAL may be purchased until June 30.

(We’re sorry, but students already on our monthly unlimited auto-renew contract may not purchase this deal.)

June Summer Wellness Self – Challenge

Are you ready for summer?

Enjoy summer with happiness and motivation. 

Create or maintain a balanced lifestyle by attending 3 days a week for the month of June.  That’s 12 days total. 

It costs you nothing but the price of the classes. Just write your name on our chart in the studio.  Put a check in a box for each day you attend. 

If you complete the challenge, you get a free Yogacorefit logo shirt of your choice, another special gift from us, and 4 free guest passes.  Please sign up in the studio.  Namaste.


How Aerial Yoga Battles Back and Neck Pain

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What are isometric moves?

If you’ve ever watched a ballet barre workout, you have probably noticed that there isn’t a lot of movement going on a lot of the time. Participants will either stand perfectly still or move in tiny inch by inch movements. Why is that? Isn’t barre supposed to be an intense core-focused work out. It it. …

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