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Welcome to our yoga studio! I am so excited to share the benefits of yoga and mat Pilates with you! Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Please feel free to stop by for 2 weeks for $20 of Mat Yoga and Ballet Barre (Aerial Yoga not included)!

We believe in providing an effective and exciting workout that builds strength and endurance, without adding unnecessary bulk. We want you to get into great shape by using core enhancing Pilates exercises and strength building yoga poses that lengthen and tone, giving you a dancer like body. You will achieve:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Stronger muscles (without bulk)
  • Enhanced body tone
  • Reduced stress
  • Better posture
  • Increased endurance
  • Relaxed and clear mind
  • Stronger core
  • Improved balance
  • Injury prevention

Upcoming Workshops

Halloweeen – Only Morning Classes

Tues, Oct 31

We will only have morning classes this day. So, you can go out “trick-o-treating with your friends and family in the evening.  Namaste.

Intro to Aerial Yoga Workshop

(with Lorianna)

Sat, Nov 4 (12:30 pm to 3:00 pm)

$45 per person

Have you always wanted to try aerial yoga, but feel intimitaded?  In this workshop, you will learn and move at your own pace.  We will make sure you only do aerial yoga moves you are comfortable doing.  Going upside down is optional.  You will only be about 3 feet off the ground.  The aerial fabric can hold 2,000 pounds; and has safely been installed in our ceiling by structural engineers.  Let us gently guide you, by teaching you safe and fun moves in aerial fabric.  Aerial yoga is a nice way to relieve back pain, decompress the spine, work-out your core, and helps you achieve better stretches.  Watch how your body, mind, and spirit transform when your feet leave the ground!

(Spaces limited.  Please pre-register to reserve your spot.  If you’re registering for more than one person, each person must pay and register separately.  Thank you.)

Buti Yoga GLOW Workshop

(with GUEST TEACHERS Ezra Far & Lupita Cuadrado

Fri, Nov 17 (7-9 pm)

$35 per person






Buti means “the cure to something hidden below the surface” in the Indian dialect Marathi.  Buti yoga is a soulful blend of power yoga, cardio-intensive tribal dance, deep abdominal toning, and plyometrics.  You will activate more stomach and core muscles with cardio-intensive spiral movements of the hips and shoulders, as you move from one yoga pose to another.  The spiral moves are meant to cleanse the body and stimulate the endrocrine system.  An intense emphasis is placed on moving through the body through deep abdoominal contractions while practicing strong pranayama.  Get ready to sweat!

Practicing Holiday Mindfulness

Meditation Workshop

(with Tina)

Sat, Dec 2

3-5 pm

$35 per person

Please join us for an afternoon of meditation and reflection on how staying mindful through the holidays can support your enjoyment of the season.  Namaste.

Aerial Yin Yoga Workshop

(with Lorianna)

Sat, Dec 9

1-3 pm

$45 per person

The energy represented in “yin” and “yang” is derived from the Chinese Taoist tradition.  Our yang side strives for change that makes us think we are never good enough, held in our skin and muscles.  The modern world pushes us to over use our yang side causing us to feel overwhelmed and over stressed. 

Our yin side is at peace with how things are with a quiet acceptane, representing our bones and connective tissues.  Just being in the moment is enough, taking time to calm the muscles and mind.  The aerial yoga fabric hammock is safely suspended only one foot off the floor.  Let your body melt into luxuriously relaxing and calming stretches in the aerial fabric, leaving you in a wonderful state of bliss.

(Spaces limited.  Please pre-register to reserve your spot.  If you’re registering for more than one person, each person must pay and register separately.  Thank you.)

Foundations to Flow Yoga Workshop

(with Christina Rairdan and Tina Clay)

6 Tuesdays (7:00 pm to 8:30 pm) Jan 2 – Feb 6

* $150 (6 week workshop only)

* $200 (6 week workshop plus 2 months unlimited classes for the months of Jan and Feb.  New students only.)

Are you new to yoga?  Are you curious a out alignment in poses?  Perhaps you want to get back to basics?

Join experienced yoga teachers, Tina Clay and Christina Rairdan, for this special 6-class series.  Each week we will study a category of postures and apply the learning into an energetic, mindful flow.

Week 1 (Jan 2) – Sun Salutation A

Week 2 (Jan 9) -Sun Salutation and Inversions

Week 3 (Jan 16) – Backbends and Core

Week 4 (Jan 23) – Twisting

Week 5 (Jan 30) – Forward Bends and Hip Openers

Week 6 (Feb 6) – Flow Yoga Class

Please sign up on-line or in the studio.

Register early because space is limited!


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